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Tattoo Preparation

1. Consider taking ibuprofen (optional) 1 hour before to manage discomfort and swelling.
2. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes for easy access to the tattoo area.
3. Eat a nutritious meal and stay hydrated before your appointment.
4. Avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine.
5. Get a good night's sleep.
6. Shower and clean your skin before the session.
7. Familiarize yourself with the tattoo aftercare instructions.

Additional Questions

Feel free to send me an email! (Please review all of the care instructions before reaching out as they'll typically answer most of your questions thoroughly.) 

Tattoo Aftercare

1. Keep the saniderm on for 4 - 5 days. (If any part of the bandage comes off exposing the tattoo, remove early.)
2. Wash hands before touching the tattoo.

3. Remove saniderm in the shower. (Allow 10 - 15 minutes for steam to soften the adhesive.
4. Gently clean with mild, fragrance-free soap and water.
5. Pat dry with paper towel. (Use disposable single use products only.)
6. Apply a thin layer of recommended ointment or moisturizer. (Fragrance free Aveeno or mild facial lotion.)
7. Repeat cleaning and moisturizing 2 - 3 times daily for 2 weeks.
8. Avoid direct sunlight and soaking (swimming, baths) until fully healed.
9. Don't pick or scratch scabs.
10. Wear loose and clean clothing.
11. Keep the tattoo area safe from contact with pets or pet hair to prevent infection. (Recommend washing sheets and not sleeping with pets. They'll still love you!)
12. Stay hydrated and eat well!

Tattoo Aftercare
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